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We barely had any idea of what the other person even looked like. And anyone who has been on a blind date will know that the first meeting was absolutely crucial.

Gay dating de zarzalejo

It could make or break the budding relationship. Sure, I had my share of disappointing dates. Some people, intimidatingly interesting on paper, were plain boring in real life. But, with some people, it just clicked. Conversation flowed naturally, there was laughter on both sides, and you were perfectly at ease after the first five minutes.

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I met a medley of memorable characters — a lawyer, a psychologist, a biochemist, an astrophysicist — all more or less my age, warm, openminded, hardworking people from different parts of Spain, who somehow found time to meet me for intercambio in their hour work days. Finally, I could stop! Stop the endless virtual interviews, the awkward blind dates, the cruel but inevitable rejections!

So, has language exchange made me fluent in Spanish? Has my Spanish improved? They tell me their views on love, marriage, family, religion, politics, and I share with them my experiences growing up in Pakistan and living in the United States, two completely different worlds about which they are equally curious. It is something that happens always with expats — maybe out of the boldness that comes with being a foreigner, or maybe out of our intrinsic need to trust, to talk, to confide in a palpable human being, in a place where there are no givens, where we must build our life up from the ground.

Posted on November 18, Updated on November 20, You create a profile, put up a photo, answer a few questions about yourself, and then join local groups centered around various activities. For example, Yoga in the Park. Salsa Lovers. American Expats. Friday at the Movies. Knitting Addicts. Now I had never used Meetup before, and was initially skeptical. Not that I had anything against middle-aged men and I actually loved denim jackets. So I decided to give it a go. I had a good feeling about this!

I bet I would meet some really fun, interesting people — maybe even someone who, like me, was new in the city, spoke English, and enjoyed a good game of Pictionary? Maybe I was finally going to meet that elusive best friend? You must stay on and fight! So I stayed, ordered a cafe con leche , and looked around to start a conversation with the person sitting next to me. Not balding, probably a bit lonely, and with an almost imperceptible whiff of sleaze about him my Sleaze Radar is exceptionally strong.

Where are you from? What do you do? Do you like Madrid?

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  • Who are you? I grabbed my coffee cup and sipped it politely. I tried to spot another, more wholesome person to talk to, but everybody around me was already engaged in loud and animated conversation, much to my annoyance. He drummed his long, thin fingers on the table, rummaging through his brain for a subject to expound upon — and then he hit the gold mine. More tiresome pigeonholing was to follow.

    It could be a group of 20, or , or 2, They will find each other. That was it. The limits of my endurance had been reached. I brought Pictionary!

    Expat dating de lezo

    Of course, not all my Meetup experiences were quite as agonizing as the above-mentioned 2 hours. Lunch would be a turkey or tortilla sandwich, with trail mix, fruit and a little carton of juice, partaken on a grassy field or under a tree with wonderful, diverse company — a veterinarian from Brazil, a yoga instructor from Scotland, a tour planner from South Africa, a professional chef from Spain, and a cheerful medley of ESL teachers from America and England, whom we shared some memorable laugh-and-talk with.

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    • Posted on November 16, Updated on November 20, For instance, crocheting, or Thai kickboxing. Sushi-making, or calligraphy, ventriloquism, or, better yet, magic!

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      That something for me right now is Middle Eastern dancing. I carry my black coin-belt around with me wherever we go, and Google down a dance class whichever city we happen to be in. On my first day, I arrived late. I had gotten confused when exiting the metro station, and walked in the wrong direction for a good ten minutes. I was envisaging, of course, the type of dance classes I had attended in Berkeley and New York; a normally tiny square-shaped room packed to the seams with a variety of serious-faced girls in intimidating-looking leotards; the teacher whom you could barely see hollering instructions, bootcamp-style, over the pounding music; and me in the back row, whacking my hands into the wall every time we did snake arms, or getting trampled on by Rubber Girl next to me at every grapevine turn.

      Has everybody left?? No, they were just about to start!

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