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She credits her family as her support system and treasures spending time with them. Ochsners ofce is at Highway 17, Suite 10 on Fleming Island. OneBlood, the primary blood provider in the state, has been in contact with all hospitals that received patients and has conrmed blood inventory at each hospital is sufcient. In light of the blood needs being met, OneBlood is operating under normal busi ness hours.

To nd a Big Red Bus mobile drive or donor center near you please visit www.

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To help ensure a ready blood supply, OneBlood encourages people to make blood donation a habit and donate each time they are eligible. Generally healthy people age 16 or older who weigh at least pounds can donate blood. Over the summer, John Whisenant of North Star Destination Strategies conduct ed several community-outreach meetings where interested parties and residents met and discussed the aspects of Clay County that currently makes it unique. Some of the most popular responses included the areas access to the St.

Johns River, the countys ecosystem-based activities such as hiking and overall and the small-town USA feel. I took all of the information back, crunched all of that information, crunched all of the research provided to me by [Clay County Director of Tourism Kimberly Mor gan] After conducting his tour around the county, Whisenant returned home to re view what he had learned, with the goal to return later with a strategic plan based on his ndings. Whisenants page report rst broke down Clay Countys weaknesses, the great est opportunities within and the largest looming threats.

Chica busca chico Mérida

The weaknesses were trafc and infrastructure, as well as the lack of public transportation. Of those, he found the lack of public transportation, es pecially for visitors, to be the most glar ing weakness.


According to Whisenant, an areas tourism can end at that point, es pecially if visitors dont have a way to get around easily, they might not ever return. Despite that lack of public transporta tion, Whisenant said Clay County is primed to expand its tourism industry with the completion of the First Coast Expressway, which will not only lessen the impact of the weaknesses in the countys infrastructure and resulting trafc but will give passersby an easy way to get here.

Whisenant said that the county should consider exploring a sports complex of sorts, akin to something like that found in Lake City or Disneys Wide World of Sports. Whisenant said these complexes can bring in hundreds of people in that not only are the athletes going to be coming to the county, but theyll bring their friends and families to watch as well. Whisenant said a threat is the possible loss of the small-town feel and how that could happen if the county doesnt work to preserve it.

People need to see reasons to actually stop in Clay County instead of just passing by, Whisenant said. From here, Whisenant spent the next two hours dissecting the moves he believes Clay Countys tourism sector needs to make to elevate itself as a viable sector of the areas economy. He rst began by read ing a proposed Clay County destination vi sion statement, which Whisenant believed best summed up what the areas tourism should stand for. Clay County is the destination of choice for visitors seeking a unique Florida experience: Thats what you want Clay County to be in the visitors mind, Whisenant said.

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It also explains that you are a destination of choice. Youre not just an add-on, not just a, well, were on our way from Jackson ville to St. Augustine so we might as well drive through Clay County. You want to be a destination of choice. To bring the plan to life, Whisenant pre sented actions to make it all happen. The rst step is to acquire the services of an agency of record, or basically, marketers. Instead of relying internally to get the word out, Whisenant said the TDC needs to hire a dedicated set of people who will work to market Clay County as a destination for people to visit.

Alongside that, Whisenant said the TDC singles de fort smith ar weather channel a comprehensive and annual marketing plan to not only keep the countys tourism marketing in check and focused, but also to ensure that yearly goals are being met. And nally, Whisenant said the TDC simply needs to spend more money on advertising. Aside from marketing, Whisenant gave the TDC some goals he believes they need to hit. The rst is more staff. Currently, its essentially just Morgan working fulltime on area tourism. With added help, naturally, more can get done.

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From there, the countys tourism sector needs to work more closely with media and inuencers, according to Whisenant. Along with this, he said the county needs a greater social media presence and should adopt something along the lines of an electronic newsletter to let people out side of Clay County know whats happening here.

All of these things work together to get the word out about Clay County, Whisenant said. Augustine and all the way to Winter Park. We really are the gateway for that en tire scenic tour, Thomas said. We need to meet with neighboring communities and say, I think we have a brand here that to gether, we can really develop. Whisenant responded by saying that in Tennessee, theres a tour just like the one Thomas mentioned and it is a major driv ing force for tourists to visit. Whisenant and everyone else on the TDC agreed that the county is visitor-driven and because of that, needs to appeal to those passing through.

They need hooks to keep them here for some time, Whisenant said. When the discussion ended, the council decided that instead of voting to approve the draft at the meeting, they would spend the next few months the next TDC meet ing is in October reading through the massive strategic plan draft and come back at a later time to decide ofcially what to do with it. As our cities grow, we lose what was once a breathtaking and humbling sight, as if the sky has become vandalized with ar ticial light.

Stargazing is becoming a lost art, and we are los ing our connection with the cosmos. Granted, cer tain events, such as eclipses, will make the news and encourage some to take an interest in the heavens. But it is often eeting, unable to compete with a myriad of hectic schedules, TV binge-watching, Fort night, or even the synthetic skies found in movies and virtual reality glasses. Perhaps I can present you with another celestial show that will entice you to be come reacquainted with the night sky. We are in the middle of the Perseid Me teor shower, singles de fort smith ar weather channel occurs every August.

Its name is derived from the fact that it ap pears to be originating from the constella tion Perseus in the Northern sky. Even though the event peaked on Au gust 12, the sky is still replete with me teors, or shooting stars, as they are also called. Between may be seen an hour, with many leaving spectacular trails behind them.

Because the moon is still in its waxing crescent phase, it sets early, making the canvas of night pristine for such a brilliant event.

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Do not let the name fool you: Shoot ing stars are not stars at all. Instead, they are pieces of dust and rock, usually no larger than the size of your st, that enter our atmosphere at high veloci ties. The interaction with our atmosphere causes them to disintegrate, leaving a ery path in the sky behind them. Should one of these meteors survive the trip and impact the surface, it is then called a meteorite.

On any given night, you can expect to see a dozen or so meteors every hour. But there are times when Earths orbital mo tion carries it through a debris eld and the sky becomes alive with dazzling streaks of light. In addition to the annual Perseid Me teor Shower, there are the Geminids, Orio nids, Leonids, and Quadrantids, to name a but a few, each with their own story. The story of the Perseids begins with Comet Swift-Tuttle.

This solar system in terloper swings around the Sun every years, leaving behind outgassed material it is has collected in its travels. The last time it paid us a visit was Comet Swift-Tuttle is remarkable in that it has an unusual orbit. Its path around the Sun is very steep compared to those of the planets and indeed the general plane of the solar system. It is almost as if the comet dives down toward the Singles de fort smith ar weather channel, whips around, and then zips out again at very high speeds. This elongated orbit and high speed of this comet means that its debris is moving faster than those of other comets, around 37 miles per second.

This is what gives the Perseids the extra pizzazz that sets it apart from others. So, what can you do to experience this natural reworks show? It is very easy.

Disney ¡Ajá! | Página Oficial de Disney en Español

Find a dark, safe area, lay back and look up. While an additional study of the heav ens could also happen, telescopes and bin oculars are actually discouraged because there is no way to predict where exactly a meteor might appear in the sky. The universe is there to teach and in spire us every night, and it doesnt even cost a thing to be witness to its magni cence. I fear, singles de fort smith ar weather channel reection, that with progress our priorities have run amuck. Sometimes the best thing we can do is turn everything off and remember our place in space.

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