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Madrid is unique, it's wonderful, but most important of all, is that it's been the excuse to meet you. We consider you our friends, we love you, and we can't wait to see you again. Thank you again. I am convinced that sooner rather than later, we will return and we will all be together.

Don't forget us, because we will not Continue Reading. Libraries are the temples of knowledge par excellence, it is the place where the cultural acquis of society is collected.

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Places full of magic, and where wisdom permeates those who visit them. Borges said he always imagined paradise would be some kind of library. In Madrid, we can brag about having several of the most beautiful in our country. For example, one of the most impressive is that of the Senate. All its walls appear covered with shelves made of iron. It is structured on two levels, united by snail stairways, hidden in the corners. On the roof a lucernary opens and also hangs an impressive lamp. It contains Among his jewelry he owns, 10 incunable. Quite a treasure. But the most important thing is its backgrounds: The oldest specimen dates from the Space is only open to partners, although researchers are also allowed to enter.

This is not a historic library, but for its design well worth approaching it. Came to replace the old Carabanchel after 32 years of service. The project, commissioned to the RSP study. A, is a magnificent example of cutting edge architecture. The space is built on slope and prima concrete and steel.

This privileged situation, without nearby buildings, allows you to have fantastic views of the Madrid's urban ledge: the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of the Almudena, are perfectly seen. It has about 3. The last one is a large metal box with windows, where the reading room is located. It also has other spaces: act hall, study room, hemeroteca All of them with a decoration based on glass, metal and wood, where the undisputed protagonist is light. It was inaugurated by the writer herself in Today it's time for the millennial Segovia.

Without a doubt the symbol of the Spanish villa, it is its aqueduct, construction dating back to the Roman era, although among the Segovians there are doubts about this statement It turns out that long ago, in the high area of the city, there were no sources to access drinking water.

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In order to get it, the neighbors of these neighborhoods had to travel several miles, to the springs that were outside. One of the victims was a young maid, who served in a noble house: every day she had to go down the many slopes, carrying the pitcher, then making the way reverse, but already with a full vessel. One day, fed up of the situation, the young lady exclaimed :"I would give anything if the water reached the city alone". Then, a melodious voice, after her, replied: Are you sure you'd give anything in exchange for the water to reach the city?

She answered without hesitation yes, because ultimately, there were few belongings she had. In that case, the gentleman asked him something, which the woman did possess: his soul. In return he, he pledged to bring the liquid element to Segovia. The maid accepted the deal. At that moment, he noticed a strange smile on the face of the stranger, so before shaking his hand he put a condition: he would only give his soul if he was able to do so, before the first ray of sun shone to the next morning.

The deal was sealed, the man faded and the young woman continued her path, thinking it had all been a fantasy caused by tiredness.

De género, que.

Upon getting home, the young woman went to sleep, but didn't make it: she started to spin in bed, without stopping thinking about the event she had experienced a few hours ago. Not being able to sleep, he got up and went for a walk to air the mind. And his surprise was capsized, upon viewing, from the door of S.

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Juan, how the character he had known was engulfed in flames and giving orders to hundreds of devils, directing them in the construction of a structure, which would serve to channel water. The play went on all night. Meanwhile, the repentant maid didn't stop praying to God, asking the Devil not to take away his soul. When the aqueduct was almost finished, Beelzebub and his aides began celebrating the victory, while taking one last stone to the remaining gap. But right at that moment, the first ray of sunshine struck in Satan's face. He outraged with his defeat, left the city. In the vain that was left is where the Virgin of the Fuencisla is located.

However, the colosseum, since , acquired a popular character, suitable for the people living in that neighborhood. For example, the drama Candelas that told the life of the famous bandit, but his representation was suspended by government order, because the public became fond of the character, and authority, this seemed counterproductive. Bernardo, where according to chronicles, the dogs were best. The great news, came in This theatre was chosen to premiere a show never seen in Madrid: here the Anglo American gymnastic company performed, which executed, among other exercises, the great career of the three trapeze, to amazement of the viewers.

And in May of that same year it came the turn of the prestidigitator, Robert Bouriques, who also presented a collection of wise dogs. And the functions kept happening: The alcurrency of the devil, comedy of magic, with an extraordinary audience success; or The punished pride of the child Jesus Rodriguez Cao, an early author, who would die, at only 15, leaving writings 4 volumes of poetry, dramatic works and novels.

It was such his popularity, that Queen Elizabeth attended this representation of the news. Another milestone of this colosseum was Don Juan Tenorio, replenished several occasions.

During the rest of the XIX, in the theatre the usual programming was alternated, with a second company of zarzuela, and in the beginning of the XX, cinema arrived. But on September 23, , history broke down. The theatre's capacity was complete. The neighbours of the neighborhood had come to see the La Best sainet of the Puerto. On stage, a large painted canvas represented Seville. Right in front, and as part of the scenery, a boat anchored in the Guadalquivir River, pretended to be the center of a party, adorned with garlands and lanterns.

One of them, must have caused a short circuit and subsequent fire. In a few seconds, the fire had devoured the stage, and spread through the rest of the theatre, built entirely of wood. The actors ran out and managed to save his life. Also the viewers of the seat patio, but those of the amphitheaters, had it harder, as the only way out was through narrow stairs. Panic caused push, which caused many people to stumble, creating a human stopper, which prevented many of them from getting out. Some decided to throw themselves into the seat yard, dying on the spot. Others died charred or choking. As soon as possible, the casualty count began, placed, in front of the ruins of the news.

Afterwards, the figure increased to s as some who were in serious condition died.

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That September 23, , it would therefore become one of the black dates of our city. In Old Madrid, in the Latina neighborhood, and elevated on a hill from which spectacular views are contemplated, the city dresses in green with the Gardens de las Vistillas. So named precisely, because of the scenario offered to us, they were designed by Garcia Mercadal in The place traces us back, however, to the founding of the Villa: very close to here the Muslim Alcazaba was built, and precisely these hills served Natural defense to Magerit, during the Middle Ages.

There in addition, he rose early in the S. On the surrounding grounds, the Duke of the Infantado had his palace built, demolished in , to lift the Conciliate Seminary. What were preserved were the gardens of the aforementioned palace, which were purchased by the city council, and renovated, as we said earlier, in It leans on a block of figures allusive to the writer's life and work: a lyre, a theatre mask, different books, a pipe, style feathers In the highest part of the garden, is the sculpture of La Violetera, the work of Santiago de Santiago, which was originally placed on the Gran Via.

After, due to political disputes, he retired and went to a warehouse, until in , he settled in the current place. The sculptor decided to pay tribute to Master Padilla, through one of his best known compositions in our country and also outside of it. The figure in the typical chulapa suit, carrying a basket full of violets. Padilla's song has been performed by many performers but the most popular one was definitely the great Sara Montiel. And very close, one of Madrid's most curious streets opens: the Cuesta of the Blind. It is located where once there was a very pronounced ravine.

The name comes to him because in the s. XVIII, inhabited there some blind musicians who devote themselves to asking for alms.

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Although there is another version that connects it to a miracle from St Francis of Assisi. The legend says, after making the way of Santiago, this one, stayed some time to live in Madrid. Taking advantage of his stay he founded a zenobio, in the place where the Basilica of S is now erected. Francis the Great. One day in , the saint was returning from delivering some fish to the Prior of S. This one gave the change a pitcher of oil. When he reached the ravine, a blind man asked him for charity, and he decided to share with them so precious delicacy. But before I put their eyelids together with oil, and they regained their eyes.

This slope is also known as drags, because when there was no staircase, passersby, upon descending they ducked for safety. For you Without a doubt, one of the nearby cities, most beloved by Madrid, is Toledo. It would be impossible, to pour out here all that the Imperial City offers us, one of the most beautiful in the world.

Walking through its narrow streets, delight in your squares, admire its stunning monuments is pure magic. And this one translates into countless legends. One of the most popular, is the one that gave rise to the expression "spend a Toledana night" We use it when the evening has not been conducive.