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However, the second half of the twentieth century was marked by a more acquiescent temper, with profitability and productivity in the foreground. As a result, their remarkable growing often has blurred them, habitational products are not connected with social subjects and development initiative is taken by productive sectors. Facing this situation, architecture has recently made a move and has retaken the initiative leaded by a third revisionist generation which employs different cultural variables such as alterity, applied sociology or social activism.

Debates on sustainability, landscape, environment, new documentary frameworks and mapping processes, have set the place for new reflections on: limits, borders, traces, surroundings-city interaction, compact or diffuse cities, and many more. Along with such a themed view new topics such as revisiting the rural, have emerged.

This third way has collaterally connected with new parameters derived from committed activism such as cooperation, development, third world, urban overcrowdings, residual fabrics, refugee camps, and others which have incorporated new material and strategic discourses on recycling, crowdfunding or low-cost. Against this background, a fourth and contemporary and critical generation is characterized by the cohesion of speeches, positions and approaches. With an inclusive, transversal and revisionist nature, incorporates and revisits concepts such as feminism, gender, childhood, shelter, migration, wealth, transversality, glocality, interculturality, multiculturality and many more.

Hence, we nowadays face the challenge of refounding the concept of city for the future generations, subjected to the duality of the inherited city and its expansion, to the duality of what is consigned and what is missing.

The edition of the EAAE-ARCC International Conference to be held in Valencia, Spain, along with the 2nd edition of the Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture will welcome keynote speakers and papers that explore the future of cities and the regained leading role that architects should have in its design. In each edition of the Congress a selection of the best international architecture studios that are working with concrete as the main subject of their projects will be exhibited through a series of conferences.

Likewise, the presented projects respond to diverse economies, locations and functions, but all share the common denominator of having been conceived in concrete. September , Se ha preparado un atractivo e interesante programa para participantes y visitantes. The focus is on defensive architecture in the Mediterranean area, from the Antiquity to the present day, although it does not exclude other fortifications built overseas but high influenced by those on the Mediterranean.

Every society has the right to progress. Each generation should be able to warrant better living conditions for the next generation by means of commitment and tenacity. Research, development and innovation constitute the starting point in order to achieve progress. Regarding architecture, universities, practitioners and firms have developed a remarkable research activity over the years. But occasionally, society and public administrations do not have a clear perception of it as they do with other disciplines.

Therefore, the aims of the first edition of the Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture are:. For all that, the Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture is open not only for architects, but also for engineers, scientists, economists, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, geographers, historians, artists, designers, critics, journalists, lawyers, politicians and any academic, practitioner, professional or student with a determination to develop research in architecture or related fields.

The partners aim to encourage cooperation in European research programmes and jointly develop educational programmes. They will also mutually exchange students and staff. An important point of departure in this collaboration is the link between education, research, businesses and organisations, through which knowledge acquires both social and economic value.

The conference presents the status and trends in the multidisciplinary fields of microwave heating, dielectric properties, microwave high power systems and technologies. The AMPERE conference is a unique opportunity for the presentation and discussion of the most recent advances in the microwave technology and its applications. The conference provides many opportunities to researchers and engineers from academia and industry to exchange innovative ideas, networking, discuss collaborations and to meet with international experts in a wide variety of specialities of microwave and high frequency technologies at both scientific and industrial scale.

The conference is intended to provide a forum to discuss the recent progress and advances in the research, design and practice of steel-concrete composite as well as hybrid structures. XXIV ISUF Conference in Valencia marks as its objective the updating of studies in urban morphology and urban and territorial planning on a two-fold global concern, environmental sustainability and social and urban inequality, concern to be focused on the development of new analytical techniques.

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How society is transformed thus its various dimensions: cultural, economic, spatial planning and technology; which approached from a systems perspective provide models of global with multiple interconnections in what we can define as the cloud or collective brain knowledge. What lies beyond the design process and the current knowledge? And how design intervenes differentially evident and creating new actors and areas of intervention? Congreso internacional sobre redes sociales. General Topology has become one of the fundamental parts of mathematics.

Nowadays, as a consequence of an intensive research activity, this mathematical branch has been shown to be very useful in modeling several problems which arise in some branches of applied sciences as Economics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. Due to this increasing interaction between applied and topological problems,we have promoted the creation of an annual workshop to encourage the collaboration between different national and international research groups in the area of General Topology and its Applications.

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El Dragón de la Calderona

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El Holocausto (libros en español)

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