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Hopefully, this can help someone in the future when they, or someone they know or love, experiences an emotional breakdown like an anxiety or panic attack. But this one article does not silence the call for guidance on how to help the millions of Americans living with an anxiety or panic disorder. To keep us healthy, and the people around us happy, everyone must take action on helping those who suffer feel comfortable, safe, and attack- free.

Want to submit a personal column? Email it to silver. Since almost all children go to school, school commercialism makes it impossible for children to escape advertisements. For example, Channel One News is a news program directed to students and is shown in eight million classrooms around the U. Its programs are 12 minutes long, with two of those minutes devoted to ads that students watch in their classes.

By having these advertisements, we are basically forcing children to buy into commercialism. Advertising brings in enormous revenues for companies, but school is not a place that should promote the success of a company at the expense of its students.

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Advertising in schools allows companies to inscribe their brands into the minds of children from a young age. Advertisers have access to a captive audience because students cannot change the channel or skip the ad. These advertisements are the same ones that we see on regular news channels, which are essentially made to deceive consumers by only showing the positive aspects of the products. Also, communities trust that schools will do what is best for their children, and schools throw all of this trust away when they allow companies to promote their products.

School commercialism also mainly advertises an unhealthy lifestyle. In a study on school commercialism, Public Citizen, a nonprofit organization that works to make community voices heard in government, noted that Teaching kids to choose a Sprite over water sends the wrong message throughout the school system.

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A typical ounce soda contains 15 to 18 grams of sugar and around calories, and every day students are subjected to ads that persuade them that soda is good. These messages. In MCPS, the study found that 83 percent of the schools have advertisements for food and beverages, and in a Government Accountability Office report stated that the most prevalent form of advertising in schools was for soft drinks. Advertising in schools promotes bad habits and labeling to students as well. The study done by Public Citizen points out that this discourages students from developing critical thinking skills because.

This enforces separation of social and racial groups in schools, which is something our country has been working against. Many proponents of school commercialism argue that without the support of outside companies, schools would not bring in enough revenue to maintain their programs, but this argument is completely faulty. According to the Center for a New American Dream, a nonprofit working against hyper-consumer culture, advertising brings in less than.

We need to work against school commercialism, but we also need to find the best plan of action.

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Nonprofits like Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood are working with PTAs to spread awareness that will lead to an abolishment of advertisements in school, and we need to bring this type awareness to Montgomery County. It is important for MCPS to advocate against school commercialism.

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As one of the leading counties in Maryland, we can set the example for public schools in Maryland. The best way we can do this is by spreading awareness about this topic throughout the county. MCPS needs to do its part to help end advertising in schools throughout the nation. Casting a ballot for a stronger presence in voting booths Youth have the responsibility to make their voices heard in elections. Stepping in front of one of the boxed off computers on Nov. Your vote could be the deciding vote in a race that sets the tone for the next cycle of legislation and leadership.

After eighteen years of watching your parents vote from the sideline, you now have the power to make a difference. Instead, many eligible Blair student voters decided not to vote.

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Perhaps not so coincidentally, after the results of the midterm elections, there was a palpable sense of near outrage from many Blair students. We live in an area packed with liberal sentiments, and a large chunk of the student body has been surrounded by that their whole lives.

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The Nov. We now have a Republican governor. Whether you were pleased or angered by the election, its results were surprising and showed us. Granted, the majority of Blair is not eligible to vote, given that not many in the school are But regardless, a large portion of eligible Blazers stayed at home, shrugging off the responsibility because of the assumption that their vote be just another drop in a sea of blue.

This is never the case. Voting is vital for our community and will not cease to be. However, our opinions are meaningless unless we make them heard. By voting, students finally can have a direct say in the political decisions which will impact our generation. There was a very different scene in the Blair hallways as we approached the presidential elections.

Volunteers lined Blair Boulevard with clipboards and pens in hand as they encouraged students to register to vote. Even students under eighteen but over sixteen received assistance as they registered in advance for the upcoming years. Assistance with. This year, the volunteers did not return and it was up to us to register on our own to vote. And while we as the student body certainly bear some of the responsibility for this, schools should still be promoting. There are too many factors to point the blame in any one direction. An unassertive political attitude augmented by a lack of.

Do you have any feedback or see any mistakes? Let us know.

Censos de Población y Viviendas 2011. Resultados Municipales

E-mail the editors at silver. Spanish-speaking population in school. The Spanish page is written entirely in spanish and often covers stories that are relevant to the Hispanic community at Blair. Stories covering anything from immigration rights to the Blair Latin dance team can often be seen featured in this nook of the paper. In order to fully actualize our goals to engage with the entire Blair student body we have decided to extend the Spanish page. While this section used to span two pages, it will now be a three full pages, allowing for more in-depth coverage of stories written in Spanish.

I personally believe that this change is well overdue because the Spanish-speaking community at Blair has previously been under represented, and it is our duty as a school newspaper to report news and provide a voice to the entire student body. I encourage readers to welcome this new addition to a vital aspect of our paper. To better explain the details and components, I am going to pass the mic to the Spanish page editor in chief Milena Castillo.

'La Ventana' () 11/10/ | Audio | La Ventana | Cadena SER

Blair is an ant hill. Hundreds of students weave through these hallways, each following their own unique paths for education and success. No two students are alike, all having different passions and means to achieve their goals. Our students come from all over the world and everyone brings their own slice of individuality and personal identity to make the diverse quilt of cultures that our school pieces together.

At Blair, we have Within these ESOL programs, 7. Silver Chips strives to represent the entire school, and ignoring the prominent Spanish-speaking community at Blair would be neglectful. The Silver Chips Spanish page allows our publication to get on step closer to fulfilling our goals. We want to reach as many readers and students as possible and recognize that a language barrier may prevent that. To mend this concern we devote a space of the paper to stories that specifically reaches the. Thank you, Naomi.

I believe that the Spanish section of the paper is now stronger than ever, and well-prepared for this change. I sincerely commend each and every one of them for their hard work, and hope that they are aware of the magnitude of the importance of what they are doing. By gaining a third page this year, the Esquina Latina can now offer even more passionate young students a space to share. The purpose of this section, however, is not only to unite spanish-speaking students through freedom of self-expression, but also to better inform students of other backgrounds about our specific community.

While having understanding between people of different backgrounds is the key to building a strong community, I find it is all too often lacking, even in a school as diverse as ours. I hope that the growth of this section will at least provide a sort of footpath towards eliminating this culture gap. Above all, I also hope that the section will make spanish-speakers at this school feel properly heard and included, which is not always the case. Along with the addition of the third page, the Esquina Latina is working closely with the main branch of the paper to implement other changes that will help to further develop and solidify this vital section.

We hope to spread awareness of the paper by encouraging Spanish teachers to incorporate stories from the section into their lessons occasionally. We are. As Naomi previously noted, this change has been long overdue, and I am so thrilled to finally see it become a reality.

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With that, I encourage you all, to flip on over to page E3 and take a gander at our newest addition.