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The 90,square-meter Taconera Park is the most beautiful green space in Pamplona. Located near the ancient walls of the Casco Viejo , the park has an old-world ambience. The landscaping combines Romantic style and formal French elements reminiscent of the gardens at Versailles Palace in France.

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Visitors are delighted by the variety of flowers and trees, as well as the peaceful open space. One of the highlights, especially for children, is the Mini Zoo , home to ducks, swans, peacocks, and deer.

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Built in the 12th century, the palace is one of the oldest buildings in Pamplona and once hosted illustrious guests, including the bishops of Pamplona. Modern elements have been incorporated into the ancient building, which has retained its vaulted Gothic hall and a porticoed courtyard garden. The archive is run by the Administration of Navarra, with the mission to preserve and share the documentary heritage of the region. Many historians and cultural organizations consult the archive for research purposes.

This site is open to the public Monday through Friday, as well as for limited hours on Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free. It's worth a look just to see the architecture of the historic palace.

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We recommend these highly rated hotels in the historic center of Pamplona, which are within easy walking distance of the city's top tourist attractions, including the cathedral, the Plaza de Toros, and the Plaza del Castillo. For art lovers, the Oteiza Museum is a worthwhile detour from Pamplona only 10 kilometers away in the idyllic rural surroundings of Alzuza.

This large, modern exhibition space is dedicated to the renowned Basque sculptor and artist Jorge Oteiza, considered one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. The collection displays thousands of sculptures, as well as an extensive collection of drawings and collages. About a minute drive 50 kilometers from Pamplona, the serene Monastery of Leyre stands on a wooded hilltop of the Sierra de Leyre with commanding views of the surrounding landscape. The 11th-century monastery features a splendid Abbey Church listed as a National Monument with a Romanesque exterior and Gothic interior.

The somber, unadorned crypt is the oldest part of the church and was an important burial place of the Kings of Navarre. Most of the monastery's other buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries. Visitors will appreciate the tranquil escape in nature and spiritual inspiration.

Canto Gregoriano Gregorian Chants are recited during the monastery's church services, which are open to the public. Guided tours lasting 45 minutes allow tourists to see the Abbey Church, learn about the monastery's history, and hear an organ recital. In the 12th century, Alfonso el Batallador King Alfonso I of Aragon, the "Battler" fortified the town to ensure its defense against invaders.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, many aristocratic families built impressive mansions in the town. The palace now houses the Casa de Cultura Cultural Center , which displays art installations. The town also has an important Romanesque church, the Iglesia de Santiago , that was on the Way of Saint James pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela. The Iglesia de Santiago is open to the public for guided visits. Roncesvalles along the Way of Saint James Route.

Roncesvalles, just beyond the pass of the Burguete Valley 47 kilometers from Pamplona , was the most frequently traveled pilgrimage route through the Pyrenees Mountains. The monastery and hostel of Roncesvalles were established to offer the pilgrims hospitality and spiritual sanctuary during their stop, and became the most famous establishments on the pilgrimage route. The Pyrenees Mountain Village of Ayerbe. In the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, this picturesque little village about kilometers from Pamplona offers a peaceful escape in the countryside.

Nearby cultural attractions include the 11th-century Castillo de Loarre and the Colegiata de Bolea , a splendid Gothic church built in the 16th century. The little medieval town about kilometers from Pamplona in the La Rioja region was an important stopping point for pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Compostela on the medieval Way of Saint James pilgrimage route.

Saint Dominique was a deeply spiritual hermit from the nearby village of Viloria who built the town's arched stone bridge, church, and a hostel.

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The saint also commissioned a stretch of paved road to ease the journey for pilgrims, giving the town its name: Saint Domingo de la Calzada Saint Dominique of the Causeway. The town has a magnificent Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, the Catedral de Santo Domingo de la Calzada , constructed in on the site of an earlier church built by Santo Domingo. The Baroque tower and facade date from the 18th century.

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  • A Middle Palaeolithic wooden digging stick from Aranbaltza III, Spain. - Abstract - Europe PMC.

While visiting the cathedral, tourists should be sure to see the 14th-century cloister and the 16th-century Plateresque choir stalls. Guided tours of the cathedral are available. Mass is celebrated at the cathedral twice daily, at 11am and 8pm.

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Places to Visit near Pamplona : Capital of the historic kingdom of Navarra and present-day province , Pamplona is found along the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela kilometers east , an amazing medieval pilgrimage route that continues to draw modern-day pilgrims. Closer to Pamplona are favorite Basque Country destinations: the seaside resort of San Sebastian about a minute drive , adored by tourists because of its gorgeous sandy beaches, quaint old town, and excellent tapas restaurants; and the cultured city of Bilbao about a two-hour drive , home to the renowned Guggenheim Museum and several Michelin-starred gastronomic establishments.

Spain Travel Guide. Spain in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph. See also: Where to Stay in Pamplona. Address: Calle Curia, Pamplona. Ciudadela Ciudadela This 16th-century fortress was built during the reign of King Felipe II with the goal of providing defense against invasions by the French army. The CPLP countries are connected by habits, culture, and language, among other factors arising from the Portuguese colonisation, but they are distant when one considers the historical paths, the domestic orders, and the role they play in the international system.

These differences, however, did not prevent co-operative ties from being formed among them.

The initial approximation of Brazil with some of these countries, for example, took place even before the process of independence of the Portuguese colonies in Africa. This mechanism resulted initially in the International Institute of Portuguese Language and later in the constitution of the CPLP in , which was backed by two arguments essentially of interconnection between the peoples: culture and the South Atlantic. Since then, heads of state have come together every two years to assess progress and propose new projects for the community. Although these meetings have taken place with the regularity planned, the institutionalisation of the group occurred late, and its bylaws were formalised only in , more than ten years after its creation.

It was in this document that the operationalisation of the different areas was determined and the objectives were defined more clearly, outlining in general terms the role to be played by the community, such as political-diplomatic concertation, co-operation in all domains, and the promotion of the diffusion of the Portuguese language CPLP Regarding this second axis in particular, the search for an approximation between countries in commercial terms is worth highlighting.

This movement resulted years later in the establishment of the Meeting of Ministers of Trade of the CPLP countries with the purpose of negotiating measures to promote intra-group trade. At this meeting in , through the Declaration of Luanda CPLP , the ministers presented the following lines of action:.

Implement measures to make it possible to overcome the structural difficulties to the development of Trade and Investment in four fundamental pillars that shall constitute the axes of economic co-operation in the CPLP: i improvement of the business environment for promoting trade, ii improvement of the business environment for investments, iii institutional and business capacity building, and iv improvement of financing mechanisms.

In , the group of ministers met again, but no concrete measures resulted from the meeting. There was only a discussion on the details of the recommendations and targets established previously. When bilateral acts between Brazil and the CPLP countries are considered on the other hand since there are no multilateral acts , few are related to trade or customs. As for the former, there are only acts with Angola 1 , Cape Verde 1 , Guinea-Bissau 1 , and Portugal 2 , all of them dating before the creation of the community.

As for the customs acts, there are only two with Portugal and according to Table 1. Despite this, an increase in the trade flow from Brazil to the CPLP countries can be seen when compared to their peers i. In this case, Angola is closer to the main Brazilian partner on the continent, Nigeria, and both Mozambique and Cape Verde are beginning to export more to Brazil and, therefore, are getting close to the figures of countries such as Cameroon and Senegal.

Guinea-Bissau on the other hand has an increase in exports and imports and is approaching Zambia and Burkina Faso. In Figure 4 one can see that Portugal has an intermediate position in Europe. However, this country becomes distant from the largest exporters after , which indicates that its relative position after the CPLP agreement worsened when compared to other European partners.

This can, however, be explained by the export agenda and the added value exported from goods from the other countries, considering that Brazilian exports are mainly agricultural, food, and mineral fuels while the imports from Portugal are concentrated in copper ores, fish, fruit, hydraulic cements, olive oils, wine, iron wires, and steels. The second largest partner, whose current trade sometimes exceeds that of Portugal, is Angola. In relation to exports, the Brazilian commercial agenda for Angola is very restricted, with sugar and meat being among the main products.

Aragon Kings Route

In the opposite direction, Brazil purchases from Angola propane and liquefied butane, as well as safety and tempered glass MRE b. For Guinea-Bissau, exports have been concentrated in sugar, dairy flour, tractors, eggs, and meat. Imports include cashew nuts, essential oils, and monolithic integrated circuits. For Mozambique, except for the sale of airplanes, the export agenda follows a pattern close to the other countries in the group and is concentrated in primary products such as meat, wheat, iron, steel, and soybean oil.

Imports, in turn, are generally directed towards chemical products. The difference, in this case, lies in the growing presence of Brazilian companies in the country, especially the contractors and mining companies involved in strategic building projects in Mozambique, such as the Integrated Logistics Corridor of Nacala MRE c. In this case, as Ramanzini, Mariano, and Almeida point out, one of the factors that benefited this greater investment in the country was, firstly, the forgiveness of the external debt of some African countries granted by the government administration of Lula and Dilma followed by the presence of BNDES financing lines that favoured infrastructure projects for both Angola and Mozambique.

Thus, although it is not possible to conclude that the intra-CPLP trade is expressive, it is possible to show that government incentive actions in this direction, through diplomatic, technical, and financial support, have proven to be positive for trade, especially in the cases of Angola and, more recently, Cape Verde and Mozambique. In this same direction of promoting and facilitating trade, movement in the private sector also stands out. IBSA: from endogenous economic results to the trilateral co-operative arrangement. On the IBSA incubation process, several authors Vieira ; Moura ; Mukherjee ; Pereira highlight some conjuncture event and other structures that enabled the formation of the trilateral arrangement between Brazil, India, and South Africa.

It is also worth noting that these countries presented degrees of convergence in external positions in different multilateral forums, which, to a certain extent, assisted in the approximation process, as is the case of the commercial litigation of the Brazilian patent infringement on HIV drugs, of which India and South Africa were supportive parties Buss and Ferreira In addition, India indirectly involved South Africa in bilateral relations with Brazil already in related to an agreement established for using its ports on the sea for the transit of goods between Brazil and India.

Another crucial point proposed by the South African President Mbeki in was to set up a group of countries formed by South Africa, Brazil, India, China, and Saudi Arabia with the purpose of being interlocutors of the countries of the South with the G-8 States Moura ; Pereira This proposal did not move forward due to the changes in the international scenario after the attacks of 11 September , when the attention of the world turned to a security agenda.

Although the purpose of joining forces among emerging powers seeking greater weight and space in the international dialogues did not evolve in that first moment, later on it did advance in a slightly different format with purposes convergent with the previous initiative. This is a pioneering meeting of three countries with vibrant democracies from three regions of the developing world and active on a global scale with the purpose of examining issues on the international agenda and of mutual interest.

The importance and need for dialog between developing countries and nations in the South has been noted in recent years IBSA In this sense, as highlighted by Faria, Nogueira, and Lopes , the main IBSA work fronts are as follows: i the common challenges of globalisation, ii reform of the international system, and iii the dialogue on national governance.

In this same direction, Pereira emphasises that the trilateral actions can be divided into two fronts: in the relationship of the countries with the other states and international organisations, and in the internal relationship between the members of the group. In the endogenous intra-group format, however, the integration of the group into the commercial arena has been considered as little explored by the trilateral and entrepreneurial initiative Fonseca, Azevedo and Velloso , although with growth possibilities if properly targeted Schor and Onuki The number of agreements in the area of trade and investments aimed at regulating and promoting actions in this area are still low, as can be seen in Table 2.

Meanwhile, the free trade agreement between India and Mercosur in force since has not proved to be a differential in terms of boosting trade relations since then.